Patches Edit

2011 - 09 - 19 Edit

Bug Fixes -Fixed a bug where players could spawn without a class -Fixed a bug with auto reloading when using a manual bolt rifle -Minor performance improvements

Level/Gameplay Fixes Pavlov's House {C}-Added wall to block line of sight to one of the Allied tank spawns {C}-Allies now correctly get a forward spawn when capturing Zab's House -German spawn protection was toned down to prevent Allied attackers in inside of the Voyentorg from being killed by spawn protection when objectives changed hands

Commissar's House {C}-Gave Allies 40 more reinforcements {C}-Default Allied spawn in more directly in line with Building 81 {C}-Moved one of the initial Axis spawns back further from the Water Refinery {C}-Increased spawn protection and no artillery volumes for Allies {C}-Various cover fixes

2001 - 10 - 06Edit


-Fixed stats and acheivements being awarded when they shouldn't have been and sometimes not saving stats on ranked servers. This requires a global stat and achievement reset which will be happening soon.
-Fixed several number display issues in the profile menu and after action report
-Honor, class, and weapon experience are all currently doubled to help make up for stats lost to the reset
-A new achievement has been added which is unlocked simply by playing RO2 during the double xp for players affected by the stat reset

-Reloading can be interrupted by melee or switching weapons
-Fixed quick grenade not returning to the previously equipped weapon
-Fixed team wounding counting as kill
-Fixed kill assists not showing up all the time
-Fixed Countdown Time to Beat being always 0
-Fixed timers showing wrong numbers in the single player campaign
-Fixed tank AI being able to see through smoke
-Fixed tank cannon smoke shells not blocking any AI vision

Stability & Performance
- Major optimization pass on all maps should increase performance across the board
- Reduced Alt-Tab crashing
- Fixed post-processing preset resetting itself in the video settings menu
- Fixed glowing outline/rainbow colors around the screen for certain machines
- Fixed a bug causing all audio to cut out after a map change
- Graphical improvements to environments, weapons and vehicle interior - areas or vehicles/weapons not in direct sunlight now have working specularity which will help make normal maps more visible and textures to look less flat
- New Umbra release and optimization
- General CPU optimizations

-Fix for commandline setting of webadmin values not saving after multiple map changes