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This weapon is available to the Marksman class. It is a bolt action rifle that holds five rounds. Because of the position of the scope, it must be manually reloaded one round at a time. Alternate fire for this weapon is using the iron sights underneath the scope.

Available Upgrades

Level 25 - Zielsechs 6x Scope

Level 50 - Bayonet

Note: Although the KAR98 SCOPED is basically the same rifle, it will not accept ammunition from the non-SCOPED variation from Infantryman. Also, keep in mind that even though this rifle has Iron-Sights, the view is VERY constricted. These factors make it best used in stationary positions, preferably, close to an ammunition supply box.

Historical/factual informationEdit

This Scoped Kar98K is a plain 98K with an added scope. It chambers the same size round, and has the same magazine capacity.


K98k Sniper