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The PZB 7B4 (R) is the anti-tank rifle of the Axis team. It is actually a Soviet PTRS captured by the German Army and given a German designation, hence the (R). There is no difference between the PTRS and the PZB both in-game and historically; both are high-damage weapons designed to immobilize and destroy tanks. Both the Allied and axis variants load from 5-round en-bloc clips and cannot be reloaded without emptying its capacity. Unlike LMGs, Anti-tank rifles cannot be fired from the hip, and their use is limited exclusively to be fired while deployed on the bipod.

Depending on distance and striking location and angle, Anti-tank Rifles can deal varying amounts of damage to tanks. Anti-tank rifles provide the only ranged tank countermeasure for infantry, with the alternative being engineers hoping to get close enough to use Anti-tank grenades or satchel charges. Under no circumstance should the Anti-tank rifle be fired recklessly against front/sloped armor as it will deal little to no damage. Against infantry, however, being essentially just a giant rifle, the Anti-tank Rifle's projectiles are a guaranteed kill if they connect with a person, regardless of location or range. Despite this power, overall the PZB 7B4 (R) fares poorly against infantry compared to other weapons due to its massive recoil, the need to lean the gun against hard surfaces to fire it, the slow reload, and its inability to melee.