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One of the two default weapons for the Assault Class, the MP 40 has a 32 round magazine and is built to rush in and clear out an area of enemies. It is also available to be used by the Squad Leader and by the Commander.

Available Upgrades

Level 25 - Dual 32 Round Magazine (MP 40/I)

At level 25, dual magazines are unlocked. The user can switch which magazine to use by pressing 6 (by default). The user can only reload 1 magazine at a time. The magazines can be switched whilst aiming.

Note: The SMG is considered easier to fire standing than the PPSH-41 thanks to its much lower recoil. Its fire rate allows it to sustain fire for much longer than the PPSH-41 but also limits the amount of damage the MP 40 can put out in comparison to its rival.

Historical/factual information