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MN9130 Rifle

In WW2 the Model 91/30 Mosin was the most common Soviet rifle.It fires the 7.62X54R round, unlike its German counterpart(7.92x57mm), this is balanced by having a faster recharge time on manual bolting allowing for a greater rate of fire.It has a 5 round stripper clip and Red Army policy was to have the bayonet attached at all times.  Latter Carbine variants (m44) had built in, spring-loaded bayonets

Level 25 Upgrade: Bayonet


The Mosin Nagant's projectile flies faster than the Mauser Kar98.

There is a bug with the Mosin Nagant, where the user can aim and fire the weapon before a reloading animation is finished. To perform, expend all rounds in the internal magazine, and as the character is about to remove the stripper clip, the user can then operate the weapon as normal, despite the bolt being open or the clip not being removed.