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The MG 34 LMG is a weapon in Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad. It is available to the Axis Machine Gunner class and is also offered to the Allied Machine Gunner class at veteran level. It has a 50 round drum magazine and is capable of laying down impressive suppression due to its high rate of fire. This weapon must be mounted against cover or while prone to be able to aim down sight, but it can be fired from the hip--albeit uncontrollably and inaccurately. Damage per bullet is exceptionally high and the high velocity of the bullets and near non-existent bullet drop makes it a versatile weapon to use even at very long ranges. When mounted, the MG 34 has low recoil that is easily controlled through burst-firing. The MG 34 has the option of firing single shots with its alt fire. When holding sustained fire, the MG 34's barrel can overheat, in which case the player must then replace the barrel. A barrel that is overheated and is still continually fired risks bursting, permanently damaging the weapon. You get one replacement barrel with the class. Pre-mounted versions of MG 34s exist in many maps; these feature much lower recoil, but cannot be moved.

Unlike the DP-28, the MG 34 is improved with levelling up and becomes considerably better at laying down fire at level 25 and over. Like the DP-28, the MG 34 does not possess a melee attack.

- Compared to the MG 42 this weapon is considerably better at hip-firing. Learning the recoil and aim while hip-firing the MG 34 is easy enough that it may be used effectively from the hip.


Level 25 - A double drum magazine with 75 rounds. Although this upgrade increases ammunition capacity by 50%, it also lengthens the time required to change barrels.

Level 50 - Belt ammunition with 250 rounds.

Properties Edit


  • High damage output
  • Fast fire rate
  • High accuracy at medium-long distances
  • Large magazines
  • Good penetration


  • Bulky iron sights
  • Heavyweight
  • Barrel takes a considerable amount of time to cool after overheating

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