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The DP-28 LMG is a light machine gun in Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad.

General InformationEdit

Available to the Allies' Machine Gunner class, the DP-28 is the support weapon of the Red Army. It is also available to Axis Machine Gunners at veteran levels.

While the MG 34 LMG can lay down a superior amount of suppressive fire, the DP-28's sights are less obtrusive. In addition, the DP 28 does not risk overheating with sustained fire (however, prolonged intensive fire will eventually cause the barrel to warp (indicated by white smoke) and gradually lose accuracy and prompt the user to change the barrel, despite not having the option). The white marker on the ammo drum gives users an easy way to tell how much ammo is left in the drum, giving the weapon a unique advantage over the MG 34 (and all other weapons). Despite this however, the DP-28 does not have any upgrades compared to the MG34 in terms of magazine capacity, meaning it is stuck with it's 47-round pan magazine at all times.

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DP 28