In the game, there are six possible ranks for your class to have. Each rank requires that you be on the correct honor level, as well as have enough accumulated points for the class.

The current ranks available in-game are:

Stats page (Old)

Stats page (New)

Stats page (New)

  • Raw Recruit (Default)
  • Front-Line Soldier (Honor 20)
  • Battle-Hardened (Honor 40)
  • Veteran (Honor 50)
  • Highly Decorated (Last achievable rank, Honor 80 Needed)
  • Hero (Available when joining a server, limited to specific numbers by the server)

The higher the rank your class is, the more rugged your character will look, he will have wear and tear on his clothes and his general appearance will be dirtier. Once you attain the Hero status, your character's appearance will change quite a bit further. A Hero will have Rolled up sleeves on Summer maps (Both Germans and Russians), the Russian winter Hero will use a green-colored tunic (known in Russian as a telogreika, fufaika or vatniki) rather than the light brown M41 wool coat, and in general, a Hero will look the most hard-worn of all the ranks.

- A Hero class may only be quarried if your chosen class has reached the "Highly Decorated" rank and you have an Honor level of 80.

In addition to cosmetic changes, ranking in classes provides a number of slight benefits to the performance of the class.

These include:

  • Stamina Amount(Lenghtens Sprinting)
  • Movement Speed
  • Suppression Resistance (Less likely to receive the effects of being suppressed)
  • Weapon Focus (The amount of zoom, focus, that is available on-top of the existing zoom)
  • Stamina Resistance (Stamina will fall at a slower rate)
  • Ammo Distribution (Extra ammo will be given to the class in the form of part-filled magazines or extra clips)

The InsigniaEdit

Each rank for the classes has its own Insignia to go with, viewable in-game (Next to character's name tags) as well as in the profiles and stats menu (The Hero insignia does not apear in the menu, the rank is assigned upon joining a server).