You may be looking for Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad's singeplayer campaign. If so, click here.

Campaign mode in Red Orchestra 2 multiplayer is a server option. In campaign mode, the two teams (Axis and Allies) have a limited number of resources (battle power) that can be gained or lost after each map. The amount of points gained or lost depends on how many soldiers were killed, and how much territory one faction holds. In campaign mode, players also vote for maps based on where it is located on a territory map, limiting certain maps to different parts of the territory map until the faction has advanced. The two factions can also be interchangeably attacking and defending, as winning players with more battle power choose to attack or defend.

The campaign ends when one faction loses all territory or reaches 0 battle power. A loud cutscene will display either factions' local newspapers with a voiceover declaring victory, and reading the future of the game universe.